The traditional village of Zagora

Zagora is the largest and most historic village of East Pelion. It is 47 km from Volos and thus such as stretched in the green and sunny slope, divided in four major districts (Holy Friday or Perachora, Holy Sunday, St. George, Savior), gives the visitor the impression that the faces of opposite that it is a complex of four villages.
Zagora is an old village with great development and prosperity in the Middle Ages and in the 17th and 18th century was an important trading center, craft and cultural center. Here lies the “Greek Museum”, a high-school education boarding school, where it is said that he studied and Rigas Fereos. Perfect Way holidays throughout the year, Zagora offers guests an authentic Pelion experience as it remains picturesque, unspoiled by tourism and surrounded by unique nature. From the village but not missing and the necessary infrastructure, such as tidy traditional accommodation and restaurants with local specialties for your comfortable and pleasant stay.
Visit the library of the village with valuable collections of books and the churches and chapels of the area with interesting pre-Byzantine icons and frescoes. Stroll in the village neighborhoods and enjoy the magic of nature in all its glory. Visit the ski resort of Pelion in winter and in summer go to the nearby beaches of Chorefto, Saranda, the Ovrya and Elitsa. Leaving Zagora not forget to fill your basket with goodies of the region, such as sweets, herbs and the famous red and juicy apples Zagora.

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